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Add optional web engines

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Posted on 2023-08-31

IMA comes with a Built-in web engine that relies on and works with your current Google Chrome version. You can also add any Chrome engine as an extra browser to send your traffic from. If you're a developer, you can implement your own browser from the open source Chromium page or use this ready-to-use one that is implemented from this source ...

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Posted on 2023-03-11

You can move your license to any new computer through your online account at any time even if you lost access to the old computer.Your online account will be created and sent to you automatically once you activate your purchase code.If you're a new premium user (this is the first time you buy our application), you will not be asked to authoris...

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How to use YouTube Views

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Posted on 2022-11-25

How many YouTube views I can send per month?Between 40k to 90k or maybe more if you have a super computer. You can control the quantity through the Delay value, for example: Delay = 60s (which’s the recommended value for normal computers) it will send a view each minute or 1,440 views per day. Delay = 30s will send 2,880 views per day and s...

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How to try Web Traffic Generator for free?

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Posted on 2022-08-09

You can try Web Traffic Generator for free, instantly download & activate, no registration or credit card required. The trial version permits you to use all of the functionality of this application, exactly like the full version but it will stop after 7 days, whereas the full version is valid for lifetime. Click here to download the trial ve...

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Posted on 2022-05-28

Introduction:Reaching the first page on Google and other search engines is almost the major goal for any website owner. It's a long and hard journey but it deserves your efforts and patience because all the rewards are there. Web Traffic Generator (WT) is powerful SEO tool to help you in your journey to the first page on Google and other sear...

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SEO Campaigns & Keywords

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Posted on 2022-05-21

How to use SEO Campaign & Keywords?To learn more about SEO campaigns in general, how Google analyse it, or build a campaign URL please take a look at these links:Collect campaign data with custom URLsCampaign URL BuilderYou can also click on the blue help button next to SEO Campaign in Settings tab for more information.Step by Step guide:From ...

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Click by Attribute

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Posted on 2022-04-16

How to send clicks to any page by using Click by Atrribute feature? Applies to: Link Clicks Generator (Clicks BOT).To know more about the benefits of using Clicks BOT application, click this linkClicks BOT app has three feature to send clicks to any page:Click on Page: Clicks once randomly on the page.Random Clicks: Clicks randomly (x) times ...

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Data usage, Bandwidth and Resources

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Posted on 2022-04-05

Does InMillion App (IMA) controls or handles the usage of data? Some of the questions we have received from our users and especially from who have a proxy plan with a bandwidth limitation: How to limit the usage of data? How to set an IMA app to don’t consume a lot of my bandwidth plan (download/upload)?Why IMA consumes a lot of PC resource...

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Posted on 2022-04-04

In some situations, your application files can become inconsistent or even damaged due to missed updates or multiple installations.If your app crashes or doesn’t work correctly, this article will guide you step by step to resolve any possible issue through the following major steps: Update Google ChromeRepair installationRepair / Reinstall .N...

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Proxy module options

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Posted on 2022-04-03

InMillion App (IMA) gives you the ability to add unlimited proxies to your traffic. It’s recommended to use proxy to give each visit a unique attribute. For now, IMA includes 10,000+ user agents, which’s a very nice feature but you can also pamper 😉 your website more by adding some proxies to the job.Here’s a brief of how the proxy changes th...

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