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Posted on 2022-02-11

Nothing can be easier than using Web Traffic Generator (WT). It’s just two simple steps: Type your website URL. Hit enter (or click Send Now) Just like that! Start watching the traffic in Google Analytics (or any other analytics platform) within 2 minutes, it should appear Everything went well?Great. This means that your website configured...

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Google AdSense

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Posted on 2022-02-02

InMillionApp (IMA) sends guaranteed and safe traffic to any website because it using real browser engines, so the visits behave exactly the real human behavior with scroll, time browsing and clicks. If you’d like to know more about the Real Engines, take a look at this article. Remember: Web Traffic Generator is designed for SEO purposes. Fo...

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Traffic Quality

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Posted on 2021-12-21

We already know that most of us dislike reading 😉 but we advise you to read this article carefully to learn more about SEO improvement and how to apply these conditions to your website SEO.InMillion Web Traffic (WT) allows you to control anything you may need to adjust your website measurement values, from the Bounce Rate to session duration, ...

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How many visits I can send per day?

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Posted on 2021-11-16

Applies to: Web Traffic Generator and Link Clicks GeneratorHow many visits I can send per day with InMillion App (IMA)?Short answer: 2K to 100K I know this’s not the answer you love to hear because it’s already not an answer but you're the only one who should answer this question and you'll know the answer once you read this article, keep rea...

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Free Proxy

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Posted on 2021-10-25

InMillion App (IMA) gives you the ability to add unlimited proxies to your traffic. It’s recommended to use proxy to give each visit a unique attribute. To know more about IMA proxy options, open or premium proxy please read this articleFirst, you need to understand how free proxy works or what's the general concept of free proxy.Free Proxy C...

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Proxy Deep Check

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Posted on 2021-10-12

Checking process in our Proxy Module is more useful for the premium proxy lists, with the free lists we advise you to send visits without checking proxy, only download the proxy list and click Start Job! The reason is: We're using a Deep Check mode to ensure that the proxy will be connected with any user, hosting server and GEO location. Som...

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